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My Annuity Assessment

Is your Annuity more than a few years old? If so, here are five reasons why you may want to assess your annuity with us!

  1. Your Annuity May be Underperforming. Do the subaccounts in your annuity perform as well as the market?
  2. You May be Paying High Fees! Do you know the trust cost of your annuity?
  3. Your Retirement Income needs may have Changed. Do you need more income or less income than you intended? Your current annuity might not be the best option!
  4. The Annuity Carrier may No Longer be able to Keep its Promises! You annuity's guarantees are only as good as the company who makes them. It's important to understand the financial stability of your annuity company.
  5. Better Options May Exist! Products, and interest rates are always changing. It's prudent to see if your annuity is still the best option out there

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