Individual Services

Your future is our priority at Martinelli Financial Services. Our various individual services will help set you on the right path to achieving your financial goals. Listed below are the individual services we provide. 

  • Asset Management

  • Risk Management 

  • Estate Conservation Strategies

  • Disability Income Insurance

  • Life & Health Insurance

  • Long Term Care Insurance

  • Retirement Planning

  • Tax Saving\Reduction Strategies

  • Alternative Investment Products

  • Educational Funding Strategies

To request more information, please complete our request form and we will be happy to assist you. Please fax to Martinelli Financial Services 610-238-0920.


Any discussion of taxes is for general informational purposes only, does not purport to be complete or cover every situation, and should not be construed as legal, tax or accounting advice.  Clients should confer with their qualified legal, tax and accounting advisors as appropriate.